ActivTrades Offers Commission-Free Equities Trading

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ActivTrades Plc, the online CFD and forex broker, is offering customers the ideal way to kickstart trading in 2021 with zero commission on a wide range of shares, no overnight swap rate charges as well as fractional trading.

The brokerage will not charge transaction fees on all the European, UK and US stocks it offers for non-leveraged retail investors nor will there be any swap rate charges for maintaining positions overnight. This provides an excellent opportunity for clients to diversify their portfolios without incurring costs.
Traders will also benefit from so-called fractional trading, where you can buy a fraction of a certain share. This will allow smaller players to gain exposure to the world’s largest companies without having to overcommit their available capital. For example, an individual can buy 1/100th of an Amazon share, costing around $30 rather than a full share that would cost more than $3,000 currently.

ActivTrades Offers Commission-Free Equities Trading

“We’re constantly working to offer our customers the best service and make trading as easy and as cost-effective as possible,’’ said Alex Pusco, CEO of ActivTrades. ``Zero commission on equities is the cherry on the cake with our platform offering a large majority of listed assets, including more than a thousand CFDs, tradable at the best price execution. With the volatility of last year showing no sign of slowing in 2021, these removal of fees makes it the ideal time for new investors to enter the markets.”

ActivTrades, which will this year celebrate its 20th birthday since launching in 2001, enjoyed a record year in 2020 with the surge in volatility on markets as well as the success of its ActivTrader platform sharply increasing revenue. The brokerage, which is headquartered in London, recently opened an office in Luxembourg that will be its European hub following the UK’s exit from the European Union. The addition complements ActivTrades’ office in Nassau, Bahamas to serve clients across the world.