Trump speaks, the volatility jumps and gold continues its recovery

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Donald Trump used strong (and questionable) tones in his conference today, accusing the media for the publication of unverified spy memos. He also admitted that Russia government was behind the hacking of Democratic Party pc during the electoral campaign. He did not answer to the questions about whether he will maintain or change the sanctions imposed on Russia by his predecessor.


On his business ties, the Tycoon said he will step down from all the main position, even if he will keep the ownership in the company. He called a disaster the Obama care health reform and he want to dismiss it. He also confirmed the wall between US and Mexico.


On the markets we saw an increased volatility, followed by a weakness of the US Dollar, with the pair EUR/USD that returned close to 1.06, confirming his small rebound of the last few days. The cable recovered to 1.22, while USD JPY is now exchanged at 115.

Following the slight depreciation of the greenback, gold recovered reaching a new 7-week high, close to $1,200, while silver is traded at 16,75.